Tales from Another Century
A Story Telling/Writing Workshop for People over 60
   Young people today have no clue of life before blackberries, HDTV, or a quick car trip to feast on fast food.  Party Line?  What's that, a dance for singles?  Ice man?  Pre-Neanderthal grunt?  The past has led to the future and who knows better than those over the half-century mark!  We gray-haired folks have stories to tell that reflect the path through the 20th to this 21st century.
   Tales from Another Century is designed to be a fun and celebratory experience.  This workshop encourages participants to search their lives for significant (and, perhaps, not so significant) moments that have contributed to their accrued wisdom about life.  For eons, stories have been the means of passing on wisdom from one generation to another.  Each and every one of us has a story to tell; to hand down to those who follow and to share with those who have traipsed the same calendar pages.
   Tales from Another Century is not so much about technique as it is about the stories themselves.  However, hints will be offered about subjects, predicates, pronouns, weighted verbs, and other such intricacies of composition.  Computer skills are not necessary; pencils and paper still work.  This workshop is designed for four two-hour sessions, but Sessions II and III can be combined. There will be homework.
   As workshop leader, Micki Smith, has experience as an oral and written story teller that spans many a decade.  Yes, she even sat on a stair step awaiting that ice man in hopes of getting a chip from the 50 lb. chunk slung in a wide, leather strap across his back.  Her favorite non-family stories involve history, theology, knitting (of course!), and anything fiber related.  Fees start at $100 a session and are negotiable to non-profit organizations.

My Spiritual Path
Everyone has a spiritual path they travel.  Some like to give their journey a different adjective.  However, we all encounter bumps and sleigh rides along the way.  Such incidents teach us lessons that guide the pathways in front of us. Words and symbols evoke memories within each of us in different ways.  Explore your personal journey with a group of fellow travelers. 

Led by Micki Smith, a octogenarian, who has led groups for decades using creative activities to unearth innate skills and insights.  Micki is an ordained minister, Spiritual Science.  Groups of up to 12 persons work well with this program.  $200 for a three hour session.