Knitting from Dreams
"I dream; therefore shall I knit!"

Comfort Zone
This soft, cozy vest is basically a rectangle.  If you're a knitter, you'll know the short rows in the back give a little added flare.  The handmade porcelain button is decorative.  Closure is simply large hook and eye.  Pockets are very serviceable.  Hand wash cold water, dry flat.
Fits medium to large.

Easy Wrap Vest $140.00
Free Shipping

Easy Wrap Vest
Soft Alpaca





Chest measurement:  36"

close up of Alice Hunt button

Autumn Dance
Fall foliage gives birth to the idea for this color combination of a rusty brown wool worked together with a very fancy Italian novelty yarn (Magico by Filatura de Crosa).  The sweater is knit from sleeve to sleeve and then the front panel is added.  The button is one-of-a-kind ceramic by artist, Alice Hunt.  The overlapping front is held in place by strong, tiny magnets!  
A Micki Smith original, of course.

Autumn Dance Sweater $175.00
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Tribute to Sohayla
   There are certain people in this world who are especially kind and generous.  Sohayla is one of those.  This shawl was knit in tribute to her, choosing her favorite colors. 
Here's hoping there is at least one Sohayla in your life!

Flower detail

Surf's Up!
great three season sweater

Surf's Up!
Dusty rose to match summer blooms.  Perfect light weight acrylic ribbon for cross season wear.  Relaxed, cap sleeve style goes with cut-offs or over a sundress for the country club dance.  Easy care: machine wash, dry flat.
Size:  Large           Price: $185 includes s/h/i

Artist Vest
Knit in every conceivable direction!

This artistic vest is knitted in all directions from one color palette in my stash.  Each piece is knit, then a complementary border is put around all the pieces and laid out on a pattern of my design.  The pieces are then worked with the complementary color until the vest emerges.  Hours of work go into this kind of free form knitting.  Obviously, there will never be another piece exactly like this one.
Size: sm/med (36-38" bust)   

Artist Vest $195.00
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 Ice Palace Scarf
Wear it as jewelry or as a scarf.  Finely knit of soft, soft merino wool with little dabs of sparkle.  Each individual section outlined in 100% linen.  Embellished with crystal like beads.  Drapes softly to enhance your portrait.
one-of-a-kind original
by micki smith
Price:  $38 free shipping

Ice Palace Scarf $38.00
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On the Town
 This classy sweater dreams of being worn to a party or on the perfect date!
Knit of Lily Chin Signature yarn, it's perfect for the
small or medium figure.
Cropped short with lively ruffles, the bounce is infectious.
a micki smith original
(Pattern also available; to order pattern, use navigation bar at left)
 Size:  38" chest  Price:  

On The Town Sweater $150.00
Free Shipping

Designing is one part cerebral and one part passion; the larger by far being passion!

Jazz Band
Knit totally in all directions from some of the finest yarns available--leftovers from other projects blended with a new palette.  The button is a select Gita Maria handmade porcelain on silver.  Fully lined with a contrasting fabric.  Truly a unique bag!

Jazz Band Bag $74.00
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Warm & Stylish

Dream Walking Vest

 Mohair wool blend with pure Irish linen waistband and trim. 

 What you don't see in this photo are the 

 fine specks of autumn oranges mixed in with the gray mohair. 

 Metal seashell buttons. 

One-of-a-kind original by Micki

 Size:  Medium (40" chest) 

Dream Walking Vest $145.00
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Moonlit Meadow Sweater
Prototype for this sweater was made with handspun Icelandic wool from a ram lamb's first shearing.  The sweater itself was donated to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival to be raffled off.
The sweater is knit beginning at the left sleeve cuff and continuing across, finishing with the right sleeve cuff.  It's so easy an advance beginner can finish it in a couple of weeks.
Pattern available. 

Click here to view available patterns

Designs spring from what you know and see and want to remember.  A friend remarks on something special and you capture it in fiber.  A violet wants to be seen in winter and you create that wish.


By the Time I Get to Phoenix
an original design by Micki Smith
Exquisitely fitted at the waist with a soft wool.  The black novelty yarn is also wool dotted throughout with pale shades of peach, blue, and gray.  Sleeves are designed to balloon out gently above the cuffs. 
Size:  Medium (38" bust)    
Price:  $175.
Pattern also available

Experience Free Form Knitting

Dali Purse

Dali Purse
A combination of free form knitting applied over the basic garter stitch.  Lovely, bright fabric makes the interior happy to use; two segments and small pocket.  Purse base is heavy cotton, very substantial. Unique handmade button completes the look.
One-of-a-Kind Original Design by micki smith



Yates Autumn Jacket
  Tucked between the mountains in Brownsville, VT, sits the Yates Farm.  They raise market sheep and every year before sending the sheep off to market, they shear.  The fleece is then sent to a mini-mill in Maine where it is processed.  Once a year in November, for five days, the Yates offer this yarn for sale in their ancient farm house.  It's an event not to be missed if you're a fiber fanatic and a history buff.  It doesn't hurt if you're a skier either. 
  This sweater is made from some of that special yarn.  While the sweater is no longer available (adorning someone's back), you can purchase the pattern.  Any worsted weight yarn will fulfill the pattern requirements but if you can swing a November trip to Vermont, all the better.