Measure twice is always a good rule to follow
A measuring technique

Free Form Knitting
Never again be restricted to knitting back and forth, row after row.  Knit in every conceivable direction and create a pocketbook worthy of a Paris runway.  This fun class has been held at Six Loose Ladies, a grand fiber shop in Proctorsville, VT.  You can arrange for your group to sponsor "Knitting with Abandon" or you can take private sessions at the Knitty Knotty Cottage in Boyce, Virginia.  For more information: mickiknits@aol.com

No, Ma, no shearing today!
Wanna bet!

Beginner's Spinning
What are crimps and what do they mean?  How do animal breeds affect your finished product?  What's "off the point" and "off your finger"?  Learn the basics of wheel spinning.  Fun, fun and more fun!  Beware, spinning is addictive.
Classes limited to three people
One wheel available to borrow, otherwise student must have own wheel
$15 an hour
Location to be determined depending on dates
(for more information and to set dates, e-mail mickiknits@aol.com)

Mosaic Knitting
  Exotic, intricate designs with no bobbins, tails, or hassles.  An amazing technique created by Barbara Walker.  Only one color yarn per row and easy tension to keep to gauge.
  Once you've mastered this technique you can do a whole garment or be satisfied with just pockets or cuffs to adorn a plain sweater.  Options are endless. 
October 2017
class currently forming
e-mail for details
Location: Knitty Knotty Cottage
 Boyce, Virginia

Knit & Purl--How to!
Don't know a thing about knitting and want to join your friends in the majestic return to knitting.  This is the course for you.
You'll learn the only two stitches: knit and purl.  You'll learn how to cast on, increase and decrease, bind off, and read a pattern.
The relaxed atmosphere of this class will present no pressures, just enjoyment.
Three Sunday afternoons, 3:30 to 5 o'clock. 
as convenient for students
Knitty Knotty Cottage, Boyce, Virginia
$45, payable $15 per session