Micki seldom knits the same thing twice but when she's pleased with the results, she creates patterns so that others may enjoy them.  Below are available patterns, a brief description, and how to order.

Moonlit Meadow Sweater
This sweater is knit on a circular needle (knitting back and forth), beginning at the left sleeve cuff and ending at the right sleeve cuff.  Except for the hem and cuffs, it is knit entirely in garter stitch.  The pattern is for any one who can knit, purl, and keep a gauge.
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Moonlit Meadow Sweater


By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Designed for the intermediate knitter, this original pattern by Micki Smith, combines the excitement of novelty wool and worsted weight ribbing, cuffs, plackets, and neckline.  Capped sleeves give this garment a dressier look. 
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Midnight Glitter Vest adds glamour to the fanciest blouse or to jeans.  Armholes are deep and the back neck dips for allure.  Knit with two strands, one of DK weight black merino, the other of metallic thread.  Knit on #8 needles, the pattern requires1000 yds of DK and 700 yards of metallic thread.
Pattern Cost:  $4.50 free shipping
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Regal Purple Vest is knit with Brown Sheep on a # 9 circular needle.  It takes 900  yards.  A grosgrain ribbon gives a feminine look and can be changed at whim.  Texture is primary in this design and is achieved with a simple, repeated pattern.  The peplum is a Nicky Epstein design from her book Knitting on the Edge (a must-have book!)
Pattern Cost:  $4.50 free shipping
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Yates Autumn Jacket
A wonderfully comfortable and easy to knit pattern.  Requires approximately 1200 yds of worsted weight yarn on #9 needles.  The body is knit in garter stitch; the sleeves in stockinette.  An easy pointe pattern occurs every several inches in the jacket.  The original model sold the very first day it was displayed at a juried show.
Cost:  $4.50 free shipping
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Royal Purple Cardigan uses a clasic cable up the front and around the collar, keeping the pattern down the sleeve.  Worsted weight wool on #9 needle requires 1800 yards for size large.  This sweater will quickly become your favorite for quick trips to the store on watching a soccer game.
Pattern Cost:  $4..50 free shipping
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