Classic Designs from Micki's Portfolio
Micki began designing over 35 years ago.  Through the years her designs have matured and expanded.  The pieces shown below are from her mid-career to a year or so ago. Either they are no longer available in patterns or have been sold.  These designs reflect changing styles and color palettes through the years, yet they are as comfortable today as yesteryear--a sure sign of "classic".



One of Micki's favorite designs, this sweater sold almost before it came off the needles.  The sport weight fiber is soft merino and silk, draping nicely to body contours.  The style is both avant garde and timeless.  The flower was knit in every direction and then affixed to sweater.  Micki had quite a search to find just the right buttons.

This vest never made it to the market place--it resides in Micki's closet.  Micki had made two vests in Fox and Hound colors--these two mascots being intramural squads at her granddaughters' school, Foxcroft in Middleburg, VA  These were donated to the academy's auction.  Loving the colors and not wanting to waste leftover yarn, Micki's needles began clacking away until this vest emerged.  The back is just as interesting as the front.  Finished one cold day in mid January, Micki needed something to take away the chill.  This was handy--and has belonged to her ever since.  It is toasty warm, single ply, Icelandic wool.








"Jan Term" was a commissioned work given as a Christmas gift from husband to wife.  The sweater combines several fibers including merino, silk, and chenille.  The colors are as fibrant as the owner.  This sweater was made in the early 1990's and is still in full use today.

Back in the early days of Brazen Sheep, Micki had a wonderful partner, Liz.  Liz raised the Montadale sheep, had them shorn, and processed the wool.  Micki created the designs.  Together they made kits containing the pattern, fiber, and original buttons where appropriate.  In this particular case, then young son, Daniel, made them out of Femo clay.  It's nice to note that, now in his 20s, Daniel is an art school graduate and has a pottery studio in Italy.
While the pattern is no longer available, the completed sweater has been seen on at least two persons over the years. (Probably 50 kits were sold!)



Melissa with the fiber donor



During the early years, Brazen Sheep made a new sweater each year for the Maryland Wine Festival held in Carroll County, MD.  They became collector's items.  These are two examples of the patterns created by Micki for this project.  There were five patterns altogether designed for festival sales.
On the cardigan it's difficult to see the 3-dimensial (bobble) grapes on the left pocket.  The subtle stripes were made by dropping stitches at the top of the garment piece, creating a "ladder".  Single strands of yarn were then woven into the ladder to complete the fabric.  Buttons are made made of bobbles over little wooden beads.
The pullover contains both intarsia knitting and applique work.  This was a very popular design.

 Lime Rickey


 Great for fall, spring, and cool summer nights; knit of 100% cotton, and adorned with hand blown glass beads.  Original design by micki smith
This design was one of Micki's favorites but sold quickly upon completion.


Vermont November
Knit of 60% fine merino and 40% acrylic, this 4 season vest goes anywhere stylishly.  Contrasting zipper strung with hand blown glass bead while more beads adorn the pockets.
 One of a kind, sold 2003