The Fun of Making Fabric Out of Fiber


Needle felting is a tedious but creative task. Recently, I dug out all the tools (hidden for at least two years) in order to work on a coat I'm making for myself. A spell overtook me and not only did I work on the coat but just kept needle felting. This picture is the result. The bag is fully lined with an interior pocket. There's a long, silver chain that attaches to the frame.

In preparation for a studio tour in the fall, 2013,  I began working on new ideas.  One direction that excites me is needle felting--not just little animals or decorative adornments for sweaters and the like.  Whole fabric that can then be made into utilitarian or artistic projects.  Incorporating all kinds of fibers, yarns, rovings, small pieces of commercial fabrics.
First step:  select a basic color palette and fiber background.  Cut a piece of dissolvable stabilizer to the size you want the finished product.
Step two:  needle felt away (watching your fingers, of course!) by hand or with your needle felting machine. [Mine is a Baby Lock Embellisher, and I love it!]

Step one
Merino and silk roving from New Zealand

Step Two
Approximately 12x12"

Two coin purses with dry felted wool
Linings are made from up-cycled silk scarves

Doesn't look like much in that approximately 12 x 12" piece, but look at the finished products!

Lovely roving from New Zealand
Fully lined with up-cycled silk scarf

This purse uses the upper side of the felted fabric, while the one below uses the underside.  Both are lovely. 
Available only at Berryville Treasures

Add a few beads for adornment
Large enough for credit card, keys, and license

Start to finish of the coin purses about 10 hours.  Five hours or so to complete the basic fabric and then another five to layout, cut, sew, and attach to frames.
Happy felting!
Available only at Berryville Treasures

Let's try something larger.  We put 2 pieces of stabilizer together so we could make felt to fit an 8" purse handle.  This approximate 18x20 finished piece left only a few scrap leftovers. (Keep those to embellish on to other projects!)

A portion of Starry Starry Night felted fabric
Finished piece about 18x20

Here's the finished project! Fully lined with hand dyed batik; includes cell phone pocket.
(This project took a little over 18 hours, start to finish.)
Not for Sale

The front side, note top stitching
Handle is bronze colored

Back side of Starry Starry Night purse
Fully lined in hand painted batik


Front side of "Megan"
Handle snaps open easily but makes purse safe

"Megan" (named after a grand niece) is on a 6" bronze colored handle and fully lined with cream colored cotton fabric.  Due to my poor photography, you may wish to know the basic colors are red, gold, purple and brown.  This piece, start to finish, took approximately 15 hours.
Not for sale

Back side of purse