Come in all shapes and sizes to brighten your day!

Evolution of a Felt Hat
Felting is a labor intensive process.  During a recent class offered by the Potomac Fiber Guild, I built a hat under the guidance of our master felter, Roz.  Mine certainly wasn't the most unique or beautiful, but I had fun messing in the wool and water.

The still damp hat was brought home and dried in the furnace room.  When thoroughly dry, I trimmed and embellished with needle felting.  The decoration is an old, old earing needled onto the hat.
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Still damp
One of my favorite color combinations

Finished with an old earring
Felted cord needle felted in place


From the top

Left Side


Add a little jaunt to your step.  This series of Chapeaux are all fashioned from warm, comfy fleece.  That means toss them in the washing machine and dryer. (remove breakable ornamentation first!)
Fleece fit for the Runway

Happiness is a warm head!


Wanna dance!  Yep, surely guaranteed to make you bounce right down the walk.  Fleece and fully machine washable/dryable.

One of a kind--always!

Size Medium
$25 includes shipping and handling



Keeps you both warm and happy. This particular hat is extra small.  Colors reflect a warm mood for a cold day.

One of a kind--always!

$25 incl. shipping and handling

Bright and Cheerful
Toasty Warm

Knitted hats require a little more care than fleece but have their own éclat.  They take longer to make and the fiber is usually animal unless otherwise noted.  No animals were harmed--I promise.

Yankee Doodle
Stuck a feather in her hat and called it macaroni!  Soft, gray wool with a perky brim and a felted "feather"

One of a kind--always!

Size medium
$35 includes shipping and handling

Stylish AND Warm

All Aboard!

All aboard the Chattanooga Choo Choo!  This wool/acrylic mix makes a statement whether you travel or just hang around your neighborhood.  One of a kind--always!

Size: medium
$42 includes shipping and handling

All Aboard!