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Big News!

Brazen Sheep has joined with Needles and Pins, and The Needle Lady to open a shop in downtown Berryville, VA. We plan to open mid-January at #10 West Main Street.

"A Gathering Place" for all things fiber! We will offer book talk opportunities, social knitting, sewing and design classes, children's activities, and, of course, SHOPPING!

Our retail line will include all needlework supplies, unique clothing and home decor, accessories.

So, BE ALERT for the Grand Opening.

Kantha QUILTS are made in India from used cotton saris. Women gather these old saris, mix and match the colors and create beautiful quilts with their hand sewing. No two are ever alike! We have taken some of these quilts and repurposed the fabric yet again.

The fabric is soft and comfortable. Occasionally, you will find a spot where one of the original quilt makers has to patch a worn spot with her stitches. Adds elegant character.


This jacket was Brazen Sheep's first Kantha Quilt jacket and it sold almost immediately--an indication of a fair market.
A different color palette for this jacket. This garment is headed for Alaska.



Not just for jackets. HATS! This hat has a generous, floppy brim to shade one's face and neck.
Yet another hat. This one has a stiff brim, wider in front than in back. The crown is straight. Sorry, but it's sold!



Original Multimedia Pillows

These pillows are more than just functional, they're ART. Each one is individually designed, constructed and signed by the artist, Micki.

Some combine paint, dye, fabric decoupage, knitting, and machine stitching. Others may be made from a single media. Inner commercial pillow is hypoallergenic. 

Each pillow is marked either 16" square or 18" square. 

Prices: $44 (16"); $49 (18") plus $8.95 shipping and handling.

These four available at Berryville Treasures
Mixed media pillows (see Places to Visit on navigation bar)

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Paint, ink, and stitchery to color you into Fall
Autumn 16"

Item #2017-41 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Mixed media: ink, dye, fabric applique, embroidery
Sunflower, 18"

Item #2017-34 $49.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Mixed media: yarn, fabric applique
Thistle, 18"


Mixed media: ink, dye, fabric applique
Potted plant in window 16"

Item #2017-30 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Fabric applique
Woven Square Crosshatch 16"

Item #2017-31 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Study in Black and White > Blacks Panel
Fabric, 16"

Item #2017-35 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Mixed media: ink, dye, fabric applique
"Whatever Clock" 16"

Item #2017-36 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Fabric and ink
Hyacinth, 16"

Item #2017-38 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Ink and Paint on fabric

Item #2017-39 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.

Mixed media: ink, dye, fabric applique
Dragon Fly 16"

Item #2017-37 $44.00
+ $8.95 shipping.


You can e-mail me direct 
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Take a Peek at What's Available

Brazen Sheep is a site for fiber lovers. 

The designs you see as you move from one page to another are either one-of-a-kind or templates for the original patterns listed separately.  These completed pieces may or may not be up for adoption.  If they are, the items will be noted with size, fiber content, and price.

   Here you will see what has tumbled from the mind and fingers of fiber artist Micki Smith.  When she’s in her studio (the better part of any calendar segment), she’s available via e-mail to answer knitting questions, spur on your own creative juices, or act as a resource.



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